Reviews & Client Feedback

We proud ourselves for offering beautiful and luxurious lines of bags and most importantly, our customers are always happy!

"I can't say enough about Pursed Boutique... This company stands behind its product. It is efficient and trustworthy. I live in the US, ordered my bag online.. I had it the next day! It arrived in perfect condition.  As an artist and a seasoned business executive, I know quality, design and originality when I see it.. the craftsmanship and detailed work of their product is incomparable.. Pursed really has it addition their bags have that 'edge'.. and at the same time are timeless .. these bags and clutches are classics.. I use mine with everything.. from blue jeans.. to inspires my art work - it has become more than just a bag.. It IS a piece of art." - Ninon (Tampa, Florida, USA)

"I bought this for my cousin. She loved the unique chick look. I loved it because it's very artistic and you don't find this in any of top of the line branded bags. You can see so many people carrying around the same bags with same brand names. No novelty. Yet so expensive just because of the brand's logo. I feel if I m carrying a bag with a bunch g logo I am a walking advertising for them. This bag reflect your r artistic unique personality not the brand name." - Born Artist (Vaughan, ON, Canada).

"Hi Pursed!! Thank you so much for my gorgeous bags! I can't wait to show off my Bagghy and will post pics soon! I will tell all my gf's about your beautiful collection!" - Amalia (Vaughan, ON, Canada).

"I have been meaning to write to you to let you know how much I am loving the bag (La Rose De Sim)! Thank you so much! My mom fell in love with it. Will definitely be getting a few more from you." - Tala (Calgary, AB, Canada).

"Yes I m enjoying my bags. One of my cousin wants my bag with the eye. Thx n i m glad I found you. Happy New Year!" - Ale (Thornhill, ON, Canada)

"I love my new Bagghy business case and so happy to have found your store. Will definitely buy more soon :)" - Julie (Vaughan, ON, Canada)

"I love my Baggy business brief. I have gotten into the habit of only taking home my laptop and notebook every night in it which is better for my shoulder as I stuff too much in my MK bag. It's perfect and it looks great for back and forth to work" - Cathy (Markham, ON, Canada)

"It was a pleasure to have met you in Montreal during Christmas. You were my Santa :) I love my new Bagghy Suzie bag. It is perfect for every day" - Julie (Repentigny, QC, Canada)