September 05, 2016


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Your destination to Modern, Unique, Urban Handbags!

Pursed, an initiative that has been in the making for some time! So many restless nights figuring out how to set up the boutique, what to name it and how to design it! It's an endless journey of improvements not near perfection (according to this girl's standards)! But I'm aiming for a fun and memorable experience for my clients because what you will own is a unique, high quality and cool bag!

A bit about me: I have been a fashion victim since early teens and believe fashion is intertwined with arts and design. Like many, I have a huge admiration for designers who are capable of translating their visions and stories into fashion statements.

With this in mind, Pursed was created to feature exquisite and unique handbags and purses made by independent designers from all over the world. Why? because we all crave freshness and uniqueness. What you can own are concepts to revolutionize your wardrobe with statement conversational pieces. You know, it's like when you go away on a vacation to a new city and are eager to score an original handbag or accessory. Well, that's precisely what I'm doing... to bring that foreign fashion adventure closer to you.

I work very closely with each designer to understand their vision and study their quality of workmanship. There are important things to consider when buying a handbag such as the quality of material used, the stitching, lining and details. Features like this determine the longevity of a purse and I pay careful attention to the details so you don't have to worry about them! As well, the designers care about their brand and client perception which are integral elements a talented designer must respect to reach the highest quality of handbag designs.

Relationship building is the pillar of Pursed Boutique vision. I want you as my client to be happy and proud to carry a bag featured by Pursed. I value your opinion, experience and your voice will be heard. So don't be shy to send me an email with feedback and requests.. I would love to hear from you.

Fall/Autumn 2016 Fashion Color Trends

Ah what a wonderful summer this has been.. at least here in Canada, it's been warm and dry most of the time, almost tropical which is quite uncommon for Canadians. But we know the heat will be over soon and we're moving towards the most beautiful season in Canada, Fall or Autumn, whichever word tickles your fancy. 

Today's blog will cover the latest trends in color this Fall 2016:

2016 Fall & 2017 Winter Colors

If you are familiar with Canadian Fall season, you've already figured out the fashionable colors this Fall. The Fall 2016 Pantone Report is every fashion and interior designer bible. It sets the trend for colors used in furniture, paint and fashion. This Fall the report defined three color segments:

  1. Blue Family reflects our desire for tranquility, strength and optimist
  2. Earth tones are natural transitional colors in the Fall
  3. Exuberant popup of vibrant colors acting as playful complements to Earth tones

Blue Family include Riverside Blue and Airy Blue.

It's pretty much Jeans Blue and Icy Blue colors for those who are not able to distinguish between the two.

New Riverside Pantone Color for Fall 2016 Airy Blue Pantone Color for Fall 2016

Pursed Boutique currently has a wide selection of Blue toned colors from La Rose De Sim and Bagghy

Top handle bag genuine leather by Bagghy at Pursed Boutique Large Clutch Hamsa print by La Rose De Sim at Pursed Boutique

Earth Tones include Sharkskin, Warm Taupe, Potter's Clay

In simple terms, Sharkskin is pretty much a dark and rich shade of Gray which is suitable for Fall and Winter. Potter's clay reminds me of Terra Cotta color or Pumpkin Orange with Gray hue.

Sharkskin Pantone 2016 Fall color Warm Taupe Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion colors Potter's Clay Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion Colors

And here are the current collection of bags which you can wear every Fall

Large Clutch Bang print by La Rose De Sim at Pursed Boutique Luxury leather top handle bag by SaQue handbag designer at Pursed Boutique 

Exuberant popup colors include Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Aurora Red and Bodacious

My personal favourite is Bodacious for I am a sucker for purple. Lush Meadow reminds me of Emerald color perfect on any finger. Truly though, these are uplifting colors and I can't wait to update my wardrobe with few of them.

Lush Meadow Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion Colors Spicy Mustard Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion Colors Aurora Red Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion Colors Bodacious Pantone 2016 Fall Fashion Colors

But if you are hesitant to wear these colors, there's always the option of accessories. After all, even if your wardrobe has basic colors, you can still complement your black dress or coat with a vibrant bag!

Mini Annabella top handle mini bag by Farah Asmar at Pursed Boutique Shoulder bag Ostrich exotic skin by Christine VonBun at Pursed Boutique Crossbody metal chain bag by La Rose De Sim at Pursed Boutique


In the next Blog I will share with you the latest trends in fabric and silhouettes. So make sure to drop by next Sunday and get tips on what to look for in-stores this Fall 2016.


Reena Ceschia
Reena Ceschia


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