April 01, 2017


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Your destination to Modern, Unique, Urban Handbags!

Pursed, an initiative that has been in the making for some time! So many restless nights figuring out how to set up the boutique, what to name it and how to design it! It's an endless journey of improvements not near perfection (according to this girl's standards)! But I'm aiming for a fun and memorable experience for my clients because what you will own is a unique, high quality and cool bag!

A bit about me: I have been a fashion victim since early teens and believe fashion is intertwined with arts and design. Like many, I have a huge admiration for designers who are capable of translating their visions and stories into fashion statements.

With this in mind, Pursed was created to feature exquisite and unique handbags and purses made by independent designers from all over the world. Why? because we all crave freshness and uniqueness. What you can own are concepts to revolutionize your wardrobe with statement conversational pieces. You know, it's like when you go away on a vacation to a new city and are eager to score an original handbag or accessory. Well, that's precisely what I'm doing... to bring that foreign fashion adventure closer to you.

I work very closely with each designer to understand their vision and study their quality of workmanship. There are important things to consider when buying a handbag such as the quality of material used, the stitching, lining and details. Features like this determine the longevity of a purse and I pay careful attention to the details so you don't have to worry about them! As well, the designers care about their brand and client perception which are integral elements a talented designer must respect to reach the highest quality of handbag designs.

Relationship building is the pillar of Pursed Boutique vision. I want you as my client to be happy and proud to carry a bag featured by Pursed. I value your opinion, experience and your voice will be heard. So don't be shy to send me an email with feedback and requests.. I would love to hear from you.

The natural skin purification treasure found in Hammam


Natural beauty product - skin exfoliateRecently, a friend of mine brought Dzair soap (Black soap) from Algeria. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of this type of soap, which is a sticky paste used to prepare the skin for exfoliation. Initially I thought it contained charcoal powder because of the murky green color. Sounds gross doesn’t it? But after spending some time Googling articles, it turns out that it’s made out of Olives and vegetable soda and it originated in Syria about 3000 years ago. It was called the soap of Aleppo and manufacturing technique arrive a little later in north western Africa such as Morocco and Algeria. This natural beauty soap has different names: Black soap, Beldi or Dzair and is considered the Hammam’s flagship product. It comes in the form of a thick dark paste which when mixed with water becomes creamy. Let me tell you that that my skin never felt this squeaky clean and soft before.

Dzair (Black) soap is made from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives. It is part of beauty products used in the oriental cosmetic tradition and is very often applied in the hammams to prepare the skin for exfoliation.

So how do I use Dzair (Black) soap?

It’s very simple. Before applying the paste, make sure your skin is well moistened by showering in hot water, hot bath or sauna.

With your skin wet, apply a small amount of the paste and massage your body with Dzair (black soap) while avoiding the periphery of the eyes. Leave it on and let your skin soak all the goodness for 10 to 15 minutes.

Natural beauty product - skin exfoliation

Let the scrubbing begin! Using a granular cloth glove or a vegetable sponge (loofah), start scrubbing your skin to get rid of the deepest impurities. You will then see your dead skins forming under the aspect of little black vermicelli.

Rinse it baby.. rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The result is breathtaking! Your skin is free of toxins and dead cells, while remaining light and soft.

And what are the benefits of Dzair (Black) soap?

This beauty product is suitable for all skin types. It worked for me as I have a very sensitive skin and psoriasis!

  • It’s 100% natural and rich in regenerating vitamin E
  • It removes all impurities as well as dead skin.
  • It hydrates the skin and makes it smooth
  • It does not irritate the skin and is renowned for its smoothing properties

Can I use it on my face?

Yes you can but do not use exfoliating gloves or loofah on your face. Just rinse your face with warm water. Also be careful to avoid contact with the eyes and the lip.

Where do I store it?

Dzair (Black) soap should be kept cool to prevent drying. Avoid leaving the container open in the bathroom. You can, for example, keep it in your fridge. It will thus retain all its qualities.


Natural skin exfoliation product

Where can I find my (Dzair) black soap?

    Sadly the original product is not available in major retail stores in North America. However, there are few options to consider such as checking with your local Moroccan store. A trip to Morocco or Algeria is the perfect option since you get to experience the marvels of an intriguing rich culture.

    I have also found a similar form of this beauty product at L’occitane En Provence. You can order it directly through their website.





    Reena Ceschia
    Reena Ceschia


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