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Pursed, an initiative that has been in the making for some time! So many restless nights figuring out how to set up the boutique, what to name it and how to design it! It's an endless journey of improvements not near perfection (according to this girl's standards)! But I'm aiming for a fun and memorable experience for my clients because what you will own is a unique, high quality and cool bag!

A bit about me: I have been a fashion victim since early teens and believe fashion is intertwined with arts and design. Like many, I have a huge admiration for designers who are capable of translating their visions and stories into fashion statements.

With this in mind, Pursed was created to feature exquisite and unique handbags and purses made by independent designers from all over the world. Why? because we all crave freshness and uniqueness. What you can own are concepts to revolutionize your wardrobe with statement conversational pieces. You know, it's like when you go away on a vacation to a new city and are eager to score an original handbag or accessory. Well, that's precisely what I'm doing... to bring that foreign fashion adventure closer to you.

I work very closely with each designer to understand their vision and study their quality of workmanship. There are important things to consider when buying a handbag such as the quality of material used, the stitching, lining and details. Features like this determine the longevity of a purse and I pay careful attention to the details so you don't have to worry about them! As well, the designers care about their brand and client perception which are integral elements a talented designer must respect to reach the highest quality of handbag designs.

Relationship building is the pillar of Pursed Boutique vision. I want you as my client to be happy and proud to carry a bag featured by Pursed. I value your opinion, experience and your voice will be heard. So don't be shy to send me an email with feedback and requests.. I would love to hear from you.

2018 Handbag Trend Report

This is definitely the year of handbags! Designers across the globe are realizing the need for diversity, originality and personal style, something we at Pursed Boutique strive for. Each year and every season, we review and analyze the trends as seen on the runway and fashion magazine to stock up on the latest, most desirable handbags styles.

This year, one can expect to see material such as straw and wicker take a stronger presence in the retail market. Round and Box handbags as well maintain a strong fashion hold. Floral appliques, patches and cartoon prints are fun and feminine options to accessorize and embellish a handbag. Strange shaped handbags are eye catching statement handbags to carry in your next social gala and event.

Designers like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Prada, Ulla Johnson and more have adopted these elements in their 2018 handbag styles. Here are some of the 2018 styles spotted on the catwalks in Milan, Paris NY and London.


 1) Round / Circle Handbags

Round Handbag Alice + Olivia

Round Bag by Alice + Olivia


Click on image to shop this style


Serpui Round Handbag

Serpui round embroidered bag in denim. 



IT BAG round teak wood and acrylics mother of Pearl.


2) Straw Bags

Straw Bag Phillip Lim
Straw Bag by Phillip Lim


Click on image to shop Straw Bags


Serpui Straw handbag. Look no more!
Serpui Straw clutch. We envision a beach vacation.

3) Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack Rochas
Fanny Pack by Rochas


Click on image to shop the style

Farah Asmar Fanny Pack
Farah Asmar Fanny Pack so fashion forward

4) Box Bags

Box Bag Claudia Li
Box bag by Claudia Li

Click on image to shop Box Bags

IT BAG clutch so perfect for that special beach destination
IT BAG clutch inspired by Chiara Ferragni 

5) Stud Bags

Stud bag by Balman
Stud bag by Balman


Click on image to shop Stud Bags 

Farah Asmar studded crossbody bag - rock it!
Braccialini studded top handle handbag - OMG so daring!
Braccialini mini studded crossbody handbag - We are crazy about this color!

6) Long Skinny Crossbody bag

Creatures of the Wind crossbody handbag
Long Skinny crossbody by Creatures of the Wind


Click on image to shop Long Skinny handbag

IT BAG handcrafted teak wood and acrylics.. so eco-friendly


Braccialini mini long crossbody handbag - fits the phone perfectly!



7) Patches

Patches handbag by Libertine

Patches by Libertine

Click on image to shop the Style

Braccialini mini patches - Vegan and cute


Braccialini shoulder handbag - the cool vegan leather!


8) Embossed Crystal Clutches

Gucci Crystal and Velvet clutch

Gucci Crystal clutch

Click on image to shop the look

 Serpui - Crystal embossed velvet clutch the definition of chic


9) Floral Embossed

Christian Dior Floral bag

Christian Dior Floral embossed clutch


Click on image to shop Floral bags


10) Cartoon print handbags

Cartoon Bags by Prada and Moschino

Cartoon bags by Jeremy Scott, Moschino and Prada


Click on image to shop Cartoon bags 

Braccialini Patches Cartoon Bag - you have no idea how much attention it gets


Bagghy Marilyn Monroe print bag - Because a kiss on the hand is not enough


La Rose De Sim print clutch - we achieve the impossible



11) Red Handbags

Red handbag by Gucci

Red handbag by Gucci


Click on image to shop Red handbags

 Braccialini red handbag - a super star!

 Braccialini red shoulder handbag - signature style at its best!



12) Pastel Handbags

Versace Pastel Blue handbag

Versace Pastel Blue handbag


Shop Pastel Handbags

We are currently waiting for the new inventory to arrive in February 2018. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up to our Pursuade E-newsletter for VIP access to the latest trends.


13) White Handbags

White bag by Cushnie et Ochs 


We are currently waiting for the new inventory to arrive in February 2018. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up to our Pursuade E-newsletter for VIP access to the latest trends.

Reena Ceschia
Reena Ceschia


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