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Pursed, an initiative that has been in the making for some time! So many restless nights figuring out how to set up the boutique, what to name it and how to design it! It's an endless journey of improvements not near perfection (according to this girl's standards)! But I'm aiming for a fun and memorable experience for my clients because what you will own is a unique, high quality and cool bag!

A bit about me: I have been a fashion victim since early teens and believe fashion is intertwined with arts and design. Like many, I have a huge admiration for designers who are capable of translating their visions and stories into fashion statements.

With this in mind, Pursed was created to feature exquisite and unique handbags and purses made by independent designers from all over the world. Why? because we all crave freshness and uniqueness. What you can own are concepts to revolutionize your wardrobe with statement conversational pieces. You know, it's like when you go away on a vacation to a new city and are eager to score an original handbag or accessory. Well, that's precisely what I'm doing... to bring that foreign fashion adventure closer to you.

I work very closely with each designer to understand their vision and study their quality of workmanship. There are important things to consider when buying a handbag such as the quality of material used, the stitching, lining and details. Features like this determine the longevity of a purse and I pay careful attention to the details so you don't have to worry about them! As well, the designers care about their brand and client perception which are integral elements a talented designer must respect to reach the highest quality of handbag designs.

Relationship building is the pillar of Pursed Boutique vision. I want you as my client to be happy and proud to carry a bag featured by Pursed. I value your opinion, experience and your voice will be heard. So don't be shy to send me an email with feedback and requests.. I would love to hear from you.

Time doesn't heal all sorrow!

The nightmare:

I woke up screaming, and my face was covered in tears. I still recall the hurt and terror the dream made me feel. This has been the most emotional reaction I've ever had to a dream.
Intuitive dreams have played a strong part in helping me predict certain life events. It's the weirdest thing which could be unsettling but maybe that's how I know when something life changing is about to happen. I recalled the dream to my husband who tried to comfort me and assure me it was just a dream. Still the dream haunted me all day long.

The Clue:

In the evening of the following day, I was picking up something from the floor when I felt the leak. I rushed to the bathroom and there was that omen - red spot. My face just dropped and my heart was racing with all kinds of emotions. Something was wrong. After all, we had already experienced a miscarriage few months before!

The silent beat:

It was our 12 week ultra-sound. The specialist didn't say anything other than asking us to wait for the doctor. He showed up and said he had good news and bad news. The bad news they couldn't detect heart beats... and the "good news" according to him is that we didn't need to make a decision about terminating the pregnancy because the fetus showed abnormal growth around the neck and wouldn't have survived his/her first year. I was enraged by his response. There's no good news when it comes to losing a baby or pregnancy. 

The Darkness:

After the first miscarriage and because it happened during the first trimester, the doctor didn't proceed with D&C. The miscarriage was long and uncomfortable. Two months of physical and emotional discomfort. But after the 2nd loss, I told the doctor that going through a natural miscarriage is draining. She was supportive and agreed to book the procedure. After that, my body went into total shock and I sunk into darkness. I didn't want to talk about the losses with anyone. I cried and screamed alone at home and tried to keep a happy face even in front of my own husband and family.
I wished and hoped that I could confide in someone who won't judge me, who would understand what I was going through. I was ashamed of myself and felt incompetent because I couldn't have a baby. I was unable to express my sadness to friends; how could I do so while they were enjoying the news of their own pregnancies. There was no way on Earth did I ever want to bring my friends down in the midst of their blessing! 

The Network:

I learned about Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network through a co-worker whom I met during my 3rd and successful pregnancy. We were both expecting and have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. I've learned that the goal of PAIL Network is that no one should ever grieve the loss of a baby alone.
PAIL Network offers a community of Support for these families as they accommodate the loss and love of their child into their lives. The hope with support and compassionate care these families will not only survive but thrive.

The Facts:

The incidence rate is 1 in every 5 medically documented pregnancies will end, however the reality is closer to 1 in 4. In Ontario this is nearly 37,000 losses a year. (based on the live birth stat).
Without acknowledgment and support ‎families are at risk of complicated grief, post partum mood disorders and depression.
75% of miscarriage patients report the grief as the loss of a child. The experienced grief is no different than the loss of an older child.


June 5th 2016 marks the 20th Annual Butterfly Release and Family Picnic. It is an uplifting day filled with support and strengths for families commemorating a baby.

Pursed Boutique is pleased to support the event by donating 10% of the handbag sales in May 2016 to PAIL Network. Our goal is to give $500 to help support PAIL Network programs and initiatives. When you purchase a handbag from us, not only will you be holding a beautiful piece but you are also holding hands with parents who have experienced a loss of a baby!

To register for the Butterfly Release and Family Picnic, click here 

I will be volunteering at the event and look forward to meeting you at the event.

Reena Ceschia
Reena Ceschia


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