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Pursed Boutique is a Canadian digital boutique, a concept and a destination for discovering the world’s emerging handbag designers. It curates original and luxurious handbags, purses and accessories made by fashion and handbag designers from all over the world. 

We scour the world for original and premium handbags created by young and talented designers who bring expressive concepts and stories to their collections. We thrive to bring freshness, uniqueness and conversational pieces to your wardrobe.

We stand for Independent creativity!

We are increasingly losing generations of artisans' skills and creative designs reflecting personal style. 

Pursed Boutique believe the essence of a unique design is the story behind its people, creative process and inspiration. We are an online platform curating edgy and unique handbags made by independent designers and artisans to tell their story and interact with a community that shares our values.

Pursed Boutique stands for

  • Uniqueness and independent style
  • Recognizing and caring for creativity to empower young and talented artisans and designers
  • Luxurious and premium pieces guaranteed to bring joy to your shopping experience 
  • Personalized customer service experience and styling assistance

PS: Showroom open for private appointments to clients and stylists in Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada). Please email for details. 



2018 Handbag Trend Report

January 11, 2018

This is definitely the year of handbags! Designers across the globe are realizing the need for diversity, originality and personal style, something we at Pursed Boutique strive for. Each year and every season, we review and analyze the trends as seen on the runway and fashion magazine to stock up on the latest, most desirable handbags styles. This year, one can expect to see material such as straw and wicker take a stronger presence in the retail market. Round and Box handbags as well maintain a strong fashion hold. Floral appliques, patches and cartoon prints are fun and feminine options to accessorize and embellish a handbag. Strange shaped handbags are eye catching statement handbags to carry in your next social gala...

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"In your handbag, lies all your life" so she said!

May 07, 2017

Don’t you love hearing and reading a success story? Stories about individuals with big dreams that came true with hard work and determination are inspiring and we love to relate to them. Well here’s a story many artists and designers love to hear and read. This is the story of Carla Braccialini who in 1954 sew her first bag and 60 years later, her handbag designs and brand sell all over Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia! It is certain situations or incidences in life that stimulate a need to invent, so was the story of Braccialini. That incident where her bag was stolen inspired her to create a bag in the shape of a house and the tagline “In...

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The natural skin purification treasure found in Hammam

April 01, 2017

  Recently, a friend of mine brought Dzair soap (Black soap) from Algeria. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of this type of soap, which is a sticky paste used to prepare the skin for exfoliation. Initially I thought it contained charcoal powder because of the murky green color. Sounds gross doesn’t it? But after spending some time Googling articles, it turns out that it’s made out of Olives and vegetable soda and it originated in Syria about 3000 years ago. It was called the soap of Aleppo and manufacturing technique arrive a little later in north western Africa such as Morocco and Algeria. This natural beauty soap has different names: Black soap, Beldi or Dzair and is considered...

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A handbag sparks the birth of a business

March 04, 2017

My fondness for Bagghy was born almost 3 years ago on a memorable trip to Venice, Italy. As we were strolling along the narrow and busy calle (allies/streets) we came across Bagghy's signature store: well lit, airy and colorful. I fell in love with every single handbag and was impressed with the uniqueness and quality of the collection. I asked the sales lady to reserve the bag (it was the last piece in store) and I would drop by to buy it later on our way back to mainland. It wasn't a hesitation but rather wanting the convenience of walking around Venice without carrying shopping bags - you know what I mean. Feeding pigeons with my little man in the piazza -...

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